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Art Exhibit By Franchesca Swartzberg | Buckley Vineyards Ellijay, Ga

We invite you to stop by Buckley Vineyards to see a beautiful Art Exhibit by Franchesca Swartzberg.

Franchesca Ocampo Swartzberg, born on June 3, 1974, is an artist hailing from Bogota, Colombia. In 1996, she ventured to Atlanta, GA, USA, in pursuit of her artistic aspirations, commencing a disciplined practice of canvas painting. Through the exploration of various techniques and the playful integration of diverse materials and styles, she has honed her proficiency across multiple mediums, establishing a robust presence in the realm of decorative art.

Subsequently, through the study of renowned artists, she embarked on a journey infused with a sense of drama and allure. Among the esteemed figures who fueled her admiration were Liliana Porter, Mike Winkelnann, and Gerald Garouste.

Her aspirations extend to ensuring that her art is witnessed by a broad audience capable of grasping the depth of her message—provoking contemplation and analysis of the challenges facing our current and future planet.

Franchesca’s Art artistic journey is characterized by empirical and experimental exploration. As a self-taught artist, often referred to as an "invisible artist" in a society that overlooks and neglects those without formal opportunities, she has adeptly seized chances to garner recognition and project her achievements thus far.

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